Affordable Web Design

$1,000 for HTML   |   $1,200 for WordPress

Go to our Affordable Web Design page to see a few examples from which to choose your design. All packages include the “What You Get” list (below).

After hearing small business owners’ frustration that they can’t afford a decent website, I created Affordable Web Designs for you. They’re great for a small or home–based business on a budget, or those who are just starting out. Pick a design and your website will be modeled after it, with customized color scheme, images, etc.

You will know the cost and the general look of your site before you sign or pay anything.

See Affordable Web Design examples.

What You Get with Every Affordable Web Design:

You own your website
Some big companies don’t let you take your site with you if you want to move to a new hosting company, etc., but here, you own it. It’s yours. As it should be.
You are Registrant of your domain
Some companies hold your domain name hostage. Rest assured, you will be the official Registrant because I will give you resources to order it yourself.
Personalized banner/main image of design
I will edit the banner or main image of the Affordable Web Design you’ve chosen, using your logo and/or images that you supply. Custom designs cost extra.
Customized color scheme
I will use your logo or main image to create one color scheme for your website.
User–friendly navigation system
We need to make it easy for your visitors to find the information they need.
Your text and images inserted
Your content will be integrated into the design—no coding or technical knowledge is needed on your part.
XML sitemap
This is not the Sitemap page you see on websites. Instead, it is a specially coded file to make your web pages easy to find by Google and other search engines.
Know what you will pay before you commit

If you need extras, such as slideshows, Paypal buttons, etc., advice on what photos to use, opinion on your text, etc., you will need a Custom Web Design.

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