WordPress Sites & Blogs

WordPress is used for about 60,000 sites on the web (Forbes). makes it easy for you make updates to your website, and without paying website maintenance fees. There are thousands of themes to choose from, both free and for a fee.

If you’re not ready to invest in a web developer, you can install your own WordPress website for free at iPage. Instructions to install WordPress.

Included in all WordPress sites:

  1. Completed design that you own
  2. Free blog included
  3. No long–term commitment or monthly fees required
  4. Ability to add and edit pages yourself for free
  5. Resources to learn how to create pages, blog posts, etc.

I’ll also take care of:

  1. Creating mysql database and user (required for WordPress)
  2. Uploading WordPress files to your server
  3. Core set of plugins to start you off right
  4. Setting up main menu/navigation system of up to seven pages
  5. Contact form

Starter WordPress Package

$1,200 flat fee*—included in your Starter WordPress Package:

  1. All of the above, plus
  2. Clean theme design (simple design of a banner plus one–two columns for content)
  3. No special plugins or image designs
  4. No specialty items, such as slideshows, galleries, Paypal buttons, etc.—these require a Professional Package (below)

Professional WordPress Package

Pricing starts at $2,000—what you get:

  1. List of Starter inclusions above, plus
  2. Customized Premium WordPress theme
  3. Button design, if needed
  4. Paypal buttons, slideshows, etc.
  5. Other options, as needed

Customized WordPress websites are priced individually, depending on what you want added.

See WordPress examples.

*Using Weaver Xtreme and an approved hosting company.

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