Affordable Web Design

Affordable Web Design is right for you, if you:

  • Supply your own text
  • Supply your own images (stock photo resources can be found here).
  • Want something similar to the designs below, but with your photos, text and color scheme.
  • Are comfortable with simply sending me your content and some basic info, then handing the project to me to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want help with choosing photos or reading over your text, require slideshows or other specialty services/scripts/fonts, want to change a color here or a box there, need ongoing commucation during the design process, want PayPal, etc., then you will need a Custom Web Design.

Each of the Affordable Web Design examples below can be used to fit almost any subject matter—for instance, you pick a “spa” web design, and we will replace the photos and colors to fit your author/book website. For responsive designs, menus will be moved to top of page, instead of side columns.

Click on the images below to see them close–up.

Affordable Web Design Examples

Up to five pages: $1,000 for HTML/CSS and $1,200 for WordPress. Your website will be based on your choice of a design below. For larger images and more examples, please email me.

Web Designs

Resort web design
resort website example
Photograper web design
Nature website example

Examples above are not templates, and images above are non–transferable. You must supply your own images for your site. Licenses can be purchased on this stock photos page.

Prices subject to change without notice. Although I do my best to keep things up to date, sometimes I don’t have time to update the website.

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